Thursday, November 26, 2009

And So It Begins

I knew that when Jill started school she wouldn't just be bringing home stories of her daily adventures. There would be new germs, new friends, and new words.

I just wasn't as prepared as I thought I was for the new words.

Since starting daycare and school she has taken to kicking me out of the family. She is no longer my friend, and yesterday I was told that I could live in the bushes all by myself because I was making such naughty choices.

Then she said she was going to kill me.

Apparently that is my line. I only knew it once she had crossed it.

After I regained some control over myself I talked to her about that.

Yup, she understands what dead means. Kind of.

She tells me that the bad pirates at school say those words.

The bad pirates, it turns out are some of the boys in her class who spend a part of their outdoor time trying to get the kitties and the babies. Sometimes they are good pirates who are protecting the kittens and babies, but most of the time they are bad pirates.

I learn from my daughter that when you are being bad, those are the things you say, just like the pirates.

Why oh why is she so literal?

One phone conversation with the teacher later I hope to hear less about the bad pirates and more about the good pirates.

And never to hear those words come out of my babies mouth again.