Monday, October 26, 2009

Mommy's Numbers

Before I had kids I liked to do ... stuff. Go to movies, read books, play video games. Stuff.

I still like video games. I have a Nintendo DS.

Well this is actually my second. The first one I had was proudly delivered dripping wet to me about a year ago by a beaming little girl who announced "Mommy, I washed your numbers!".

I got new numbers the next Christmas.

These stay away from all water sources.

Jillian named them numbers because the games she always watched me play had numbers flashing across the screen.

I also have a game called letters, one called Luke, another called cards. You get the idea.

Jillian has her own games to play on my numbers. Pony numbers and Wally numbers.

Neither game has any numbers in it.

Caitie associates sleep with my DS. This could be because when I put her to sleep I place her in her crib and then I sit on the floor while she goes to sleep. It started as part of the "No Cry Sleep Solution" where you slowly move yourself out the door over a few nights.

I needed something to do while I waited for Cait to sleep and for me to slowly inch my way out of her room.

I started to bring my numbers to play while I sat. Now Cait associates the glow off the screen as a soothing sleep aid.

I need to play my games or Cait can't go to sleep. See? It isn't my choice!

I probably don't need to sit in her room anymore while she goes to sleep.

But I do need to play my numbers so I will stay with her for a little while longer.

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