Saturday, March 5, 2011

You Might Not Want to Read This

This year both girls are at the same daycare. I can't express to you how this has helped our lives. Last year it took me 2 hours to pick up the girls and get them home. This year I can do it in 20 minutes. Well I could if they wanted to leave the daycare when I did!
We have also watched J start to read and lose 2 teeth. We have watched C work hard at her speech therapy and thrive in her daycare class. We have also watched her hallucinate with a high fever, have pneumonia, ear infections, colds and coughs. 
None of that compares to the story I was told yesterday.
A little boy complained of a tummy ache and stayed home from school. Mom called the doctor and was told to watch him, but not to worry. That night he sat on the couch between his mom and dad. When his little head slumped over in sleep they got him ready to move to bed. 
Only he wasn't sleeping. 
How does that happen? He was sitting between his parents. They were right there. 
It turned out that he had a bowel obstruction that had burst that morning. He should have been screaming in pain. He should have been crying all day and holding his belly. He should not have been able to sit calmly on the couch with his parents watching television.
I can't shake this story. I am sorry I wrote it because it might mean that you can't shake it either. On the other hand I can't sleep. I can't stop worrying about my kids. When J told me this morning that her tummy was grumbling and a little sore it was all I could do to not grab the phone and call 911 while my sane brain assured me she was just looking for breakfast.
I struggle with OCD and one of my preferred Os is about my kids well being, health and development. This is going to be a challenge to all of my coping strategies. Any suggestions?

P.S. I really miss writing and wish I would have posted all the entries I have written in my head but never got a chance to type. I am not really ok with C watching television so that I can try to expel this thought demon but it bought me 20 minutes!!

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