Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Aaahh, Camp

J started at camp today. She was nervous about it. She entered the room quietly, looking around, holding my hand.

A volunteer came right up to her and showed her her cubby and started her on a colouring project while I signed a form.

Then I left.

That was it. No transition nightmares, no tears, no hesitation.

I held my cell phone all morning waiting for the camp to call.

I went back early to spy on her. She was sitting with all the kids listening to a story. Then the whole little group marched down the hall on their way to the gym. She was holding the hand of the same volunteer right in the middle of the pack.

On their way back up to the room she was walking and chatting with a counsellor. She saw me (ok, I let her see me) and she ran over with a huge smile and hugged me. I told her that she had to go back the room to get her bag and I would see her in two seconds.

"Two seconds? Right Mama" and then gave me a double thumbs up and took off.

When I got to the room she was putting her backpack on. I asked one of the staff how her day had been and she looked at me strangely. I explained that this was her first day at camp all summer and I wanted to know how she did.

With that same strange look on her face she told me that she has been great, no problem. Played well with the other kids, got herself dressed and ready for swimming, followed all directions, was a joy.

"Are you sure it her first day at camp?"

Trust me, I am sure this is the first morning I have not been with her since pre-school ended 6 weeks ago.

On our way out I asked her how her morning was. She told me it was great and she was excited to come back again. "Do you think there will be more colouring? Do you think we will get to go swimming again? I liked climbing Mum, they have a good climber."

Way to go J! I am so proud of her.

Let's see how it goes tomorrow.

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