Thursday, August 20, 2009

Play Dates

Let's start by being totally honest.

Play dates are for me, not the kids.

Oh sure, the kids have a good time. They play and run and do all those things that little kids are supposed to do when playing with a friend. They trash the place with their toys. Remnants of snack are found in many little corners. They learn (sometimes very loudly) about sharing and cooperating.

But most importantly I get to sit and talk to another adult. We watch the kids and play along for some of the time, but we also get to chat. Usually about our kids. But it is so therapeutic. I have so much fun!

This will change as the girls get older and start to have their friends over without parents.

Now when I want to get together with a friend it is under the guise of a play date for my kids. We meet at a park or at one of our homes. It is all about socializing our children ... ha!

It is really all about socializing me :)

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