Tuesday, August 18, 2009


It is 2 am and I am in the midst of an "In The Night Garden" marathon with Cait. I don't know why she isn't sleeping. Her tooth broke through last night. She is full of Tylenol. It is late. She should be sleeping.

Or at least I should be sleeping.

Earlier, while trying to settle her, she just kept calling for Gay-Gay and pointing to Jill's room. We tried to tell her that Jay-Jay was asleep.

As we all should be.

She was having none of it. She was awake and there was something of vital importance that she had to share with her sister.

I believe this to be my favourite part about having 2 kids. They love each other.

They really love each other. They want to see each other first thing in the morning. They love to make each other laugh. They like to hold hands while sitting in the car.

Jill and Rob went out a few night ago. Cait started to cry. She was inconsolable. When she calmed down a bit all she could do was point at the door and call "Gay-Gay" over and over. She was upset that her sister had gone out and left her behind.

When I pick Jill up from camp she gives me the biggest grin and then looks around me, trying to find Cait.

I just had to pause from my typing because Cait was running full tilt down the hall toward Jill's room. I guess she wants her sister to watch the funny show too.

Yes, I left Cait sitting in her armchair watching TV while I type a blog entry. Like I said, I try, but I am not always her best Mum.

I want my girls to grow up to be best friends. I know that they will have their rough patches. I can see the start of it now. "She touched my toy", Cait wailing because Jill is 'helping' her change locations.

I have every faith though, that in the end, this bond will hold them together. They will continue to want to share things with each other. They will continue to love each other.

And now a message from Cait:

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