Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Bottomless Pit

So I wrote about how J barely eats and when she does it is off a very limited menu.

Now I will tell you about the other one.

I will start by letting you know that she is 15 months and 17 pounds. She is only now outgrowing her 6 month sleepers and still wears size 2 diapers. To say she is tiny is an understatement.

It might be easier to list the foods she won't eat seeing as everything else appears to be fair game.

She doesn't like eggs and I have chosen not to give her milk or yogurt as it does funky things to her bowels. She is desperate to try peanut butter (something she will not have for at least another year) and can't understand why she can't have steak with only 6 really usable teeth.

I think that she might be part Hobbit as she seems to have breakfast, then second breakfast. That leads smoothly into snack which is finished nicely by lunch. After second lunch she has a nap. Upon waking she is hungry for a snack. After finishing her dinner (and usually most of J's) she is happy to play for a while before it is time for a snack.

I breastfeed her twice a day. Once when she wakes up and once before she falls asleep. Occasionally (for she is a fabulous sleeper) she will wake up and want to nurse. I am often torn. On the one hand, she doesn't need to nurse during the night. On the other hand, she might really be hungry and I am not making her a sandwich at 3am.

When we go out I really have to think about how long we will be out, what meals we might be out for, how many snacks to pack for C, should I even bother packing one for J, will it be enough food?

I have no idea where she puts it all. I had the doctor check, her legs are not hollow.

I do wonder if she will become a more 'discriminating' eater as she gets older. I hope not. Right now she is my only ally in the kitchen. Tonight was Spanish Rice for us, peanut butter wrap-ups for them.

I am pretty positive she could take down the champ in the Coney Island Hot Dog Eating Contest!

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