Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Don't Mock Me

I like reality TV.

There I admitted it.

I have been known to watch entire episodes (ok fine, seasons) of Survivor, The Hills, Hells Kitchen, the Amazing Race, ...

Like you don't watch them too.

They are like my soap operas. An alternate reality so foreign from my own that I can't help but become totally absorbed.

When reality TV first hit the airwaves (although you can argue that it has been a part of the television medium since the first signal was broadcast) I actually called Rob from an airplane to make sure that the VCR was set to record Survivor. Who does that?

My viewing has been greatly diminished since the arrival of Jill and Cait, but I just can't seem to help myself from sneaking away to get a dose of it. This evening I left Rob with both girls so that I could watch Chef Ramsey hurl insults at contestants and kick one off the show. I know that if I want to watch great chefs cook I could watch Top Chef, or even Iron Chef. But they lack a certain appeal.

Call it the 'Jerry Springer Factor'.

I try to have a moral compass for my viewing, but there seems to be a direct correlation between how trashy a concept is and how many people want to watch it.

Jill's school would like to do a Rose Ceremony (don't even get me started with Jill's school, I am sure there will be a rant or two to come) at the start of each year and all I could think of was the Bachelor.

I much prefer the Bachelorette!

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