Saturday, August 8, 2009

Growing Up

Tomorrow is J's birthday party. It is 2 weeks after her actual birthday because, I have discovered, that having a summer birthday makes it very hard for people to come to a party.

This is her first friends party. It is very exciting for her. It is a princess/ prince/ pirate party ("because not everyone likes to be a princess" she said) and her costume has been sitting out all week.

We have gone over and over the guest list. Why is this person not coming? Are you sure that one is?

She helped put all the loot bags together and chose the colour for each friend's label.

She helped make and decorate all of her cupcakes for the party.

This morning she helped me shop for all of the last minute things we needed. "Why do we need olives? Kids don't like olives." It is hard for a 4 year old to understand that at some point in your life your taste preferences shift from sugar and candy toward more refined flavours, like say, hummus with some olives on the side. "That's disgusting, I won't eat it".

We have a pinata for her. She loves pinatas. She insisted that we get one for R's birthday. When he got home from work that night there was a large Batman bust hanging from the ceiling and a little girl bouncing out of her skin with a bat waiting to get at it.

I wonder how she will react when she sees her pink crown pinata tomorrow?

This is another milestone on her path. Her birthdays are no longer about me and R celebrating the day we became parents. They are about J celebrating another year of her life.

It is about her and her friends playing and having fun. Before I know it my name won't be on the invitation list.

I'm glad she invited me this year.

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