Monday, August 3, 2009


We have a telepathic understanding of what C wants.

She also has a very specific pointer finger. It is able to target in on exactly what she wants, no questions asked. We call it the "Finger of Doom".

Most of her vocabulary is a variation of the sound 'buh'. It means book, baa, bottle, bye-bye, mine, gimme, now, please, hurry, pick me up, put me there ... you get the point!

She has a name for everyone in the family: Mama, Dada, Gay-Gay, and she calls herself Ca-Ca. Cute, I know.

She recently started doing a wooo-wooo sound for dogs and a tonal variation of the same sound for a siren.

I use sign language with the girls and C has quite a few signs. Her first spontaneous sign was fish, followed closely by elephant (along with an oooo trumpeting sound).

All this to say that she doesn't 'say' much, but she is able to tell us plenty.

Today we were on a family outing. We decided to take the Hippo Bus Tour, you know, the bus that drives around town and then right into the lake? The girls were so excited, J has been wanting to do this for as long as she can remember.

As we are waiting in line to get on the bus/boat they were both running around squealing. All of a sudden we hear C saying clear as a bell "hippo hippo hippo" and pointing to the large purple cast hippo standing guard over the line.

Of all the words. Seriously, hippo? Why not. She was thrilled with her new word and used it repeatedly until she passed out 3 minutes into the tour, not waking until we were all safely off the bus and walking toward a restaurant for lunch.

Hippo. Great word.

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